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How The Doctor Does His Hair

At the request of justamadman, here.

The Way To Style Your Hair
Like The Doctor's

It's all in the preparation.

Before Beginning

Step One

>>Select the style you want
>>>>Preferred Styles:
>>>>Sticky Uppy
>>>>Mussy Sticky Uppy
>>>>Rather Very Sticky Uppy
>>>>Faux Hawk

Step Two
>>Select the product you should use

>>Extra strong hold
>>Dries quickly
>>Leaves hair a little crispy with some residue
>>If overdone, will cause flakiness and people asking if you have dandruff

>>Adds gloss, definition and contrast
>>Is really just a waste of money

>>>>Hair Paste
>>Shiny, matte, yet doesn't dry out
>>They call it "flexible", it means it doesn't hold anything

>>>>Maple Syrup
>>Dries hard
>>Keeps hair firmly in place
>>Sweet smelling
>>Always have some in the kitchen
>>Rather sticky
>>Causes the "Do you have maple syrup in your hair?" question
>>Attracts bees

>>>>Moulding Gum
>>Natural effect, nice soft texture
>>Fairly long lasting
>>Sour smell (might be the container I used -ed.)

Step C Three

>>Assemble Equipment:

1) Hair Product
2) Hair
>>If you don't have this, you might want to reconsider
3) Mirror
>>Really, no, go find one.
4) Non-moving location
>>Also, from experience here, for the best.
5) Optional:

Preparing Hair

Step One

>>Clean Hair
>>>>Select a good shampoo

>>Preferred Shampoos:

>>>>>>Soft control
>>>>>>Fairly Inexpensive
>>>>>>Smells like a chemical factory

>>>>Venusian Lust
>>>>>>Fairly clean
>>>>>>Smells nice-ish
>>>>>>Leaves a funny sort of residue

>>>>Old Spice
>>>>>>Absolutely rubbish
>>>>>>Smells "manly"

>>>>Soap & Glory
>>>>>>Fantastic shampoo
>>>>>>Belongs to Donna, stop stealing

Step B Two

>>Do your hair
1. Cup forehead in hands once more and press in the middle of the forehead at hairline. Continue pressing upward to the crown of the head.
2. Supporting the head in the hands and with fingers at the base of the skull.
3. Draw fingers lightly through the hair several times, and off at the crown.
4. Oh, and at some point, but some product in your hair and rub it about a bit.
5. This should only take a few seconds. Any more and you've overdone it.

After completing

Go save the universe, you handsome devil, you.

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