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for ambitious_woman: The End of Time

He was getting his reward.

Every muscle in his body hurt. He could feel his intestines very slowly, very unpleasantly, liquifying due to the radiation bombarded through his system. The TARDIS ached for him, trying to pull his pain and only deteriorating the coral that held her in place. She was killing herself for him.

"Just two more stops," he promised her, patting her side.

The next stop was France.

He stepped outside into the warm, spring air. There was a garden and birds in the trees and a warm sun up in the sky. It was the perfect sort of day. The sort of day he might've liked to just laze around and enjoy himself.

But he couldn't today. He couldn't waste one minute of his time left.

Where was she? The TARDIS homed in on the biosignal of the person he wanted to see, just one last time.
Tags: featuring: madame de pompadour, roleplay: incomplete
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