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for forever_noble: Vacation at Trestraim

Vacation planets only. That was the Doctor's present goal, after leaving the Library and the knowledge that he would eventually make a friend only to know her death their entire time together. He had on his list a series of worlds to attend. Midnight was on there, a diamond world he'd always promised himself he'd visit, and Trestraim. Trestraim was their present goal, off of the Andromeda cluster. A beach world, and the Doctor always promised Donna a beach.

The TARDIS did not like this section of vortex. The Doctor could tell, not by the way the turbulence worsened or by the way the TARDIS bucked as she rode the timeline, but by the words that appeared on the TARDIS's scanner. Some particularly colorful words that would not have appeared on a teatime television programme, expressing her extreme displeasure. He was grateful that Donna didn't understand Gallifreyan.

"Enough of that, now," he said to the ship, patting the side of the console. "Nearly through it. Just a little bit---"

The ship bucked one last time, and the Doctor lost his grip on the console and went spilling backwards onto the floor.

Tags: featuring: donna noble, roleplay: incomplete
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