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OOC: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is basically a state of the mun. I'm going to try to stop bombarding everyone's RP flist with these, and post only hiatuses and major events. If we're playing and you're curious about where I am, why I've vanished, etc., please friend my RL journal at electric_girl (leave a comment, so I know who you are and'll friend you back!)


1) The Good: Gallifrey One in ten days! Remember, to those who want to attend and meet up we're meeting in front of the sportsbar on Thursday at 8:00pm! Also, thank you so much to the lovely people who commented on the love meme for me, and those who left me LJ gifties. You made me smile so hugely! Also, I should have some owed fic up soon, as well as catch many of my owed tags. Which leads me into...

2) The Bad: Me. I've been rubbish at keeping up this last week due to a few RL stresses. School and a new job have just run me over like a Chula Warship on hyperdrive. Valentine's Day is a big deal for my spouse, so I've been out all day, as well. I've got a few assignments due this coming week, but I should start being a little freer in the evenings! I'm so sorry, for anyone who's been waiting.

3) The Ugly: Nothing, actually. Nothing at all. Despite how stressed I am, everything's beautiful. Especially you. &hearts

EDIT: Also, this is my 1,111th post. I think that's awesome!
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