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ooc: Gallifrey One

A few quick polls and questions about Gallifrey One for con-goers!

The schedule for Gallifrey One has finally been released. As always, it's really tentative and stuff will change, but I figured that since we have a general idea when everything is going to be, we could plan on when everyone would like to meet up!

Here are the blank spots I've seen, let me know what would be best for you guys!

The times I thought would be best from reading the schedule (though elevenwho will tell you from past years, I am rubbish at reading maps and schedules and pretty much anything linear):

Thursday night: Since most people in the last poll said they'd be arriving either on Thursday or before Thursday, do you all want to meet up for dinner on Thursday, get to know everybody, and plan from there?

Friday before the opening ceremonies: Cause we all need to get a group together for cheering, breakfast, and planning? (Note: The Dealer's room opens at 10am and I am THAT loser that needs to go check it all out right when it opens.)

Friday between 6-830pm: Post-opening ceremonies, before all the good stuff! There's a nice big chunk of time between the opening ceremonies and everything else?

Saturday between 6-830pm: I'm not as fond of this opening, just because that's so much less time to hang out with everybody!

All of these times: Because there's no reason not to meet up a bunch?

I'm also posting a poll regarding future talks about this. After all, this IS the internet, and nobody wants a bunch of creepy people knowing where they're going to be. Personally, I always feel very safe at Gallifrey One and I'm very confident in meeting people, but I know it's not that way for everybody. Let me know what makes you most comfortable.

Poll #1513212 Meet Up!

What date/time would be best for you to meet up?

Thursday evening, I want to meet everyone pre-con!
Friday in the morning, pre-opening ceremonies
Friday @630pm, after opening ceremonies, before the good stuff.
Saturday @630pm, enough time to meet everybody!
Sunday evening, enough time to say "hello!"
None of these times are good for me. (I have another suggestion in the comments)
All of these times are good for me!

How would you prefer to plan up for meeting times?

Polls like this on LJ.
Polls like this on LJ but under a friendscut.
Emails, please, for privacy's sake.
Another method, I've put it in a comment.

Dungeons & Dragons?

Thursday Night
Friday Night
Saturday Night
There's no reason we can't do all the nights.
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