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for trickster_loki: New Fool At An Old Game


(That) I'm a new fool at an old game
A kid out of school tryin' to find my way
But I don't know the rules, (so) teach me how to play
I'm just a new fool at an old game…

"It's funny, I thought you liked me."

He's standing on the edge of a cliff, watching a world burn. No, not just the people on the surface, not just the plants and the trees and the civilization. The whole world is burning from the inside out.

"If this planet stayed, then in fifty years, they'll declare war on a larger part of this galaxy. Billons more would've died."

It's strange. He's not the sort of man to explain himself. It's why he doesn't keep companions anymore. It's why he doesn't let anyone travel with him who isn't directly related to his goals. Except for the man he's talking to, now. Well, the god, if he wants to be all technical about it.

"I'm saving lives."

The god doesn't respond. He's not certain he's ever seen the god without one of his big, manic grins and tricksterly ways. But now, no, now the god is expressionless, cold. It sends a chill up his spine, seeing the god this way. It makes him want to explain himself. It makes him feel like he has to.

"I don't have to explain myself to you!"

The shout comes immediately after the thought, because he doesn't like the idea that some god thinks he can influence his thoughts. He's altered galaxies, he's changed timelines, he's rewritten the very fabric of time. But the god doesn't speak, he just stares.

"All that matters is that I save lives!"

He's destroyed worlds.

"I can do anything!"

He's ended civilizations.

"It's my business, mine alone!"

He's caused devastation. All in the name of saving the universe.

The god speaks. Despite his youthful appearance, he sounds impossibly old. "Chaos."


"You've caused chaos. That is my business." The look the god gives the man is full of pity. "And I've played this game far too long to let fools like you in."

Muse: The Doctor (Valeyard)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 303
Tags: exercise: drabble meme, featuring: loki, featuring: the valeyard
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