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ooc: In regards to canon

First of all, I did very well on my test and tomorrow I'll be prepping to go into all of the classes I want. Tonight, I'm back and tagging asap. I'll also be finishing up those drabble requests.

Think I should do that drabble meme again? Opinions welcome.

Also, like the deleted scene in Journey's End where the Doctor gives Rose and the Duplicate Doctor a lump of TARDIS, I have some not-quite-canon that I am explicitly ignoring.

I'm sorry, I know RTD just released another memoir with ZOMG SHOCKING STUFF, but until the television show explicitly states it, I am not accepting that the Woman in White is the Doctor's mother. #1: Unless they're keeping her on Gallifrey to open the Eye of Harmony like kingcreevey mentioned, a human wouldn't be on Gallifrey (And I accept the Doctor's-Mother-Is-Human canon, I know not everybody does). Also, um, LAME. Just. His MOTHER? Why? That just doesn't make sense to me. At least when the Duplicate Doctor whispered things in Rose's ear that we couldn't hear it was obvious he was saying "I love you", as RTD later wrote. (Either that, or he said "I'll buy you a puppy", it always gets the ladies.)

So, until canon says otherwise, I think she's Romana. Sorry, Susans out there, but I would believe it was Susan if she promptly leaped on the President's back wailing and screaming as only the Doctor's beloved granddaughter can do. The Woman in White was far too calm for that! It is my opinion Susan was the other woman standing there, frozen by the President to prevent her meddling.

HOWEVER, as far as RP is concerned, if you want to play a Woman in White = Susan/Jenny/The Doctor's Mother/The Rani/Jo Grant Reincarnated opposite my character, please just send me a PM to let me know. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to RP.

So! Just for future reference in stories, when I'm referring to the Doctor's most recent sighting of Romana, I'm referring to the Woman in White. I will put up a post backtracking if the Moff tells it otherwise.

And that's all the OOC nonsense from me today. Be safe, be well, eat fruit, and make sure you say a very happy birthday to realityshifted, an awesome community that's now two years old!
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