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In regards to valentines and the like.

No, no, I did not forget anyone who put up a meme or...you know something like that about valentines. I simply did not answer.

Valentines Day is a ridiculous holiday. What happened? I mean, think about it---St. Valentine? Man was marrying couples against his Roman Emporer's decree that soldiers should be unmarried. Noble idea, yes, but all it ended with was him getting his head lobbed off.


That, and there should be no reason for me not to tell the ones that I l---that I care deeply for that I do on any day of the year. Ridiculous human holiday.

OOC: Naturally, it had nothing to do with the fact that my browser is unable to deal with those meme things. Oh, c'mon. You know if he could he'd have one up himself to have people tell him how much they love him. Bastard.
Tags: topic: silly human holidays, type: meta
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