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OOC: Hihi!

Heyo! It's OOC post again, yay!

I've been getting friended a lot lately, probably because I've tossed m'self out there with my Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc story (whose next part is coming, I promise!) Since there are so many new people, I just wanted to drop a few quickie notes to y'alls.

#1: I don't friend back mun/non-puppet journals. No offense to anyone at all, it's for my own sanity. As such, I also don't RP with non-pup journals. I'll RP with almost any character journal, s'not a problem, but non-pup journals end up confusing or complex, and I like to keep it simple.

#2: For all non-pup journals---please don't hesitate to comment on stories or prompts! That's why I put them out there, to get commented and criticized and improve my writing. Remember that replies to you will always be OOC, I only reply in-character to pup journals. Again, it's no offense to anybody, just for the sake of my sanity.

#3: For players---I love meeting new players and playing with people. Just remember, in my real life I'm not a time-traveling and devilishly sexy Timelord, I'm a retail manager with a 47-hour-a-week job. Therefore, I don't have a ton of time, and RPing/writing is my hobby. I do this for fun, but occasionally I'll be offline (probably sleeping or hanging with my much-neglected significant other), or my tags will be slow (probably overwhelmed). I never, ever mind the occasional prod if I've missed a thread (thank you, earnestly_wilde and earth_defender, who are always superpatient with me), and I'll catch you.

#4: Where I play---I play in a couple of communities that I love to absolute pieces, and threads will occasionally take place in this journal. I love to see people following along and commenting/constructively criticizing (but I also understand if following RP threads isn't your cup of tea). Where I play/prompt:
Roleplay Only: relativespace
Writing Only (from the aforementioned roleplay): relativeprompts
Writing/Roleplay: theatrical_muse
Writing Only (occasional roleplay by request): realmof_themuse
Writing Only: fandom_muses

Lots of prompties, only a few RPies, cause, like I said, my RP time is limited. I do the occasional one-on-one, just ask.

Last but not least, please enjoy my work and have a good time reading. I love comments, please feel free to drop me one whenever; if you liked it, didn't, thought it needed more smut (Smut in Doctor Who?!), just let me know!

Oh, yeah, and criticizing =/= wank. Wank my journal and I'll b& your ass faster than you can say "Exterminate!"

Questions/Discussion, right here baby. =)

Peace, Out.
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