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for faiththatfuelsu: Trip to Frioro 8.

Following this.

Frioro 8 was a lovely planet just outside of the Daystar Nebula. Highly advanced but fairly welcome to tourists, it wasn't a bad place to take Faith for her first outing. And it would be good for her, he decided. She didn't deserve to think that living without proper sleep or dinner was normal. No matter how much excitement was in her life (and he had a feeling she rivaled him in excitement), she deserved the basics.

And maybe she'd be good for him, too. After Mars, after everything that had happened, he was loathe to run off to Ood Sigma anytime soon. Maybe enjoy himself with Faith for a bit, see a few stars in the meantime, then find out just where his song ended.

"This is the TARDIS," he said to Faith, gesturing to the big, blue box. "Our method of transport."
Tags: featuring: faith lehane, roleplay: incomplete
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