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ooc: State of the Muse

After the brilliant but very Valeyard-ish ending to Waters of Mars, I was really hesitant to update the Doctor canonically in that particularly dark direction. I've played about with the idea in a few threads, but nothing serious since I wasn't sure if canon was going to stick that out, or keep it to the individual episode.

After the 3-minute clip, which I interpret to be the Doctor taking a very lighthearted look at his turn to the not-protecting-the-laws-of-time, I've decided to canon-update him in my threads and (very soon) in realityshifted. Until the next episode on 25 December, I will be updating the Doctor to following a more dark, egotistical, and self-centered path, as the clip suggests he will be. Sure, he's just discovered that he's twisted time around and caused a good woman to commit suicide, but let's go off and get married to Queen Bess and see the universe since we're just going to die anyway.

Personally, I think this is an awesome arc for the Tenth Doctor, and he's one of the only Doctors I could really see go down this path (except, maybe, for Seven, but wasn't the original plan for him to go mad before he regenerated?). It's going to be a challenge for me to play, since I've been writing the Doctor for the last three years in pretty much the same happy-go-lucky-but-emo-on-the-inside-but-really-more-on-the-outside guy. To those I owe threads to (I am so sorry!), please let me know if you'd prefer the pre-canon-update Ten, or the darker, beta version.

While I update him, I would really appreciate any and all feedback you can give me. Thanks! &hearts &hearts .
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