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for makeyourlist: Things The Doctor Likes.

I have been told that lately things have been a bit depressing.

Actually, I think what I was told was:

[12:35] dickensfan63: I've just been feeling a bit down lately.
[12:41] thedothatgirl: You got a serious case of emo that you got to snap out of. Write about the things you like before you end up with a shitty haircut and I have to kick your ass for trying to steal my eyeliner.

So here are the things that I like.

• I like bananas and banana-flavored candies, especially if they're also banana-shaped.

• I like running down corridors, especially ones that are particularly twisty.

• I like the burbling noise of the TARDIS in mid flight.

• I like it when "funny" robots actually do something funny, like fall down a crater or say something terribly inappropriate that embarrasses their creator.

• I like talking very fast to people who can't catch up.

• I like debunking the references on incorrect Wikipedia pages (This, especially, after losing one week, four days, and thirteen hours to that ridiculous website during my sixth incarnation).

• I like the "sarcasm circuit" I've added to the TARDIS translation systems, because while it may create a very natural vernacular for most species, it makes talking to the most literal ones downright comical.

• I like it when people walk around the TARDIS in a great big circle (dubbed "pulling a Chesterton") to see if they can figure out why it's bigger on the inside.

• I like it when politicians are confused by the things that I say, completely lose their train of thought, and look incompetent (especially because they probably are).

• I like it when guns don't work. Just in general.

• I like it when companions ask me why we don't have things in the fridge, and then we go to an exotic place to eat.

• I like the term "Allons-y", especially when used after 2422, when French is abolished in the universe.

• I like trying to go somewhere and missing the mark completely, because wherever I've landed is no doubt more interesting.

• I like materializing in front of really bad traffic jams and how astonished everyone is when I get there first.

• I like going to particularly posh clubs and getting in with the psychic paper and all of the very fussy people there who can't understand how I got in.

• I like how there's always one bartender at the particularly posh clubs who thinks everyone else is absolutely ridiculous and will give me free drinks.

• I like doors that say DO NOT ENTER and buttons that say DO NOT PRESS because really interesting things happen when you enter and press them.

And those are just a small number of the things that make me happy.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 459
Special thanks to faiththatfuelsu for use of her Faith and help with Faith's IM dialogue.
Tags: community: make your list, featuring: faith lehane
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