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ooc: Drabble Meme!

1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics.
3. Let your friends assign you a song and character(s) to write a drabble to.

Preferred pairing or other characters to include?:
Would you like me to include your muse?:

01. Pretty Things - Rufus Wainwright for the TARDIS (Martha)
02. One and Only - Dean Fields for Rose (banished_dame)
03. Spectrum Song - Paul Frees for River
04. Yesterday - The Beatles for Micah (Martha)
05. Handsome Man - Robbie Williams
06. Careful What You Pack - They Might Be Giants for Dax and Jeanne-Marie
07. Say It's Possible - Terra Naomi for Sally
08. Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra for Brigitta and the TARDIS
09. Haunted - Kelly Clarkson for Rose (roselikeschips)
10. Cheek To Cheek - Fred Astaire for Faith
11. Faintest of Sparks - Amandine for Reinette
12. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - Smashing Pumpkins for Lorna
13. Ben Bernanke - Lemon Demon for the Master (tambores)
14. Demons - Brian McFadden for Claire
15. I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen for the Master (best_served_hot)
16. He's a Tramp - Peggy Lee for Dennis (Sam Spade)
17. Bad Things - Jace Everett for Jack
18. Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol for Jack
19. We Danced Anyway - Deana Carter for Romana
20. New Fool At An Old Game - Reba McEntire for Donna and Loki
21. 1930 - The Gaslight Anthem for Lucy (shatteredqueen)
22. Happy Ending - Mika for Dorothy
23. Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton for Jim (with makeouts)
24. I'll Sink Manhattan - They Might Be Giants for the Master (savagestime)
25. End of the World - Cold (Acoustic)for Lucy (dreams_in_red) (Lucy)
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