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ooc: More Arpea Awards!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful nominations over at arpea_awards. I can't say how much these nominations mean to me. No, I mean, I literally can't say. I have an alien attached to the back of my brain and I've completely forgotten how. Just know how thankful I am! &hearts &hearts

I'm superexcited to see so many realityshifted muses nominated this year! It's such a wonderful community and everyone there just blows my mind with their talent.

Go vote! I love the setup for these awards, and I'm especially excited over the layout for the writing awards. Writing should be based on content, not the popularity of the writer! Have fun, enjoy yourselves, and I hope to see you all on the proverbial red carpet!

For the Doctor only:
- Best Hair
- Most Handsome Male
- Choice Hero
- Choice Anti-Hero
- Choice Veteran Muse
- Choice Male Canon Character

- Choice Cutest Couple/with galeforcehero
- Choice Funny Couple/with quitehomoerotic
- Choice Should-Be Couple/with everybody_lives
- Choice Doomed-From-The-Start Couple/with shatteredqueen
- Choice Canon Couple/with ambitious_woman
- Choice Crossover Couple/with galeforcehero
- Choice Female/Male Couple/with everybody_lives
- Choice Male/Male Couple/with quitehomoerotic

- Best Enemies/with handysparehand
- Best Enemies/with savagestime
- Best Friends/with brigadiertardis
- Best Love Triangle/with shatteredqueen and savagestime

And for the mun:
- Most Valuable Player
- Choice Angst Writer
- Choice Smut Writer
- Choice Overall Writer Of The Year

Also, very near and dear to my heart are two nominations for my Martha Jones muse (imnot_hisgirl):
- Choice Cutest Couple/with handysparehand
- Best Working Relationship/with handysparehand
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