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ooc: A few things

Just a few quick things, because I need to make sure they're out!

1) Yes, I am participating in Nanowrimo. I hope it won't stunt my RP or writing too badly, but who can tell, yeah? Knowing me, I'll get a good 25,000 words in and give up (as is my usual MO for Nano). You're welcome to friend or follow my progress on Nano under the username rickmaniac101.

2) A few notes on commenting in this journal:
a) I don't always comment back (I'm notoriously bad at it, actually), but I really do thrive on comments and feedback on my stories, please don't stop.
b) If you comment DO NOT DELETE YOUR COMMENTS. I mean, yeah, if you make a misspelling and you can't edit, please feel free to delete and recomment. But if you feel stupid by something you've said (ten to one, I don't think you're stupid!) or I haven't commented back (see section a), don't delete your comment. It throws me off, and hurts my feelings. Unnecessarily wanky comments, even deleted ones, will get you banned. And I don't do a lot of banning, so don't make me start!
c) If you comment anonymously on my HMD post, please check back to see if I've responded. I need some clarifying on one of my most recent concrit comments and the mousie who commented never wrote back. I can't improve if you don't explain!

3) If we're threading and I haven't responded in a while, please drop me a line. I've been a little overwhelmed in the real world and I know I've neglected someone. Just let me know!

EDIT TO ADD: Also, do not send me PMs if you intend to block me from replying.
EDITED TO ALSO ADD: To the person who refuses to leave me alone who is continuing to send me messages: Stop sending me PMs. Stop sending me private posts. You are a crazy person. I do not want to be part of your communities and I want you to leave me alone.
Also, can someone please tell me how to block IP addresses?
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