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for quitehomoerotic: Welcome to Sapiad Delta Five.

Follows this.

For all that the Doctor hated the Time Agency (even more so after dealing with their fiasco regarding the Friera system), he had to admit that their vortex manipulators were surprisingly resilient. Also, fantastically waterproof, as he discovered after losing his lunch on the one he had post-flight, and rinsing it off in a stream.

He really, really missed the TARDIS.

Still, Sapiad Delta was an excellent local system, the planets tropical and wild, with only a few human settlements speckled about to change the landscape. He'd been here in his second incarnation, and he remembered the settlements well enough to plant one in particular into Jack's mind. Now, hopefully, he could meet Jack there.

Hopefully. Time Agency wipes did terrible things to a mind. Even Jack's.

He found the settlement fairly quickly and obtained himself a hut and let it be rather well known that his friend, an "ambassador with the Shadow Proclamation" might be dropping in. Hopefully that would mean Jack, not an actual Shadow Proclamation ambassador.
Tags: featuring: captain jack harkness, roleplay: complete, verse [active]: two immortals one tardis, warnings: explicit sexuality
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