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for a special relativespace anniversary

For those of you who are not aware, it happens to be the Doctor's two-year wedding anniversary. For those of you who are also not aware, he forgot about it last year. This year, he was not about to forget. So! This year he has a card placed on Reinette's dressing room table that says:

Happy Anniversary,
Love, D

PS: Your gift is outside

And what's her gift, you might ask?

Well, outside, she will find herself in a lovely beach home. This home is equipped with the latest in technology, but will have a library full of classic literature (marked up, of course), and gardens. There will be no furniture, though, because the Doctor doesn't even pretend to have taste.

The home will be on the planet of Damogran. Damogran is historically known for being somewhat deserted. The home will rest on a deserted beach on Heart of Gold island, which by a complete coincidence is also known as France.

On a mun note, I still can't believe it's been two years. &hearts &hearts
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