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Writer's Block Meme Day Three

From this.

Day One Is Here. Day Two Is Here.

Within moments, she is holding him. Warm, human arms that are far stronger than he remembers. Her hair is long and brushes the sides of his cheeks and she smells like gunpowder and worked leather. She smells the way he imagines he used to smell, back when he was freshly out of the War.

Her voice sounds like an echo. "I've got you, look. I missed you."

"Rose." Despite the pain, he still manages to smile. It's her. He's found her. It's very different from when they leave him, because then he knows they're where they want to be. This feels like something's finally been fixed, something's been found that was long since gone. "Long time, no see."

"Yeah. Been busy, you know." She smells like pain and gunpowder, even though the large weapon is cold as it falls against his side.

"Please don't die," she says, and her arms are secure. She smells familiar, she feels familiar, and there's so much familiarity that the newness of the wounds is really lost on him. It feels like nostalgia, not a mortal injury.

There is no pain, only a sense of return. A return to the place he once was, one regeneration ago.

Sensation shoots up his arms and his legs, but it's not powerful enough to be pain and it leaves dead nerve endings behind. It leaves dead nerve endings, dead tissue, dead---dead---dead---

He's about to die. There are a lot of ways he thought he would go, but this is not one of them. Not this regeneration. Not like this, at the hand of a single energy weapon. But even as she holds him, even as she clings to the life he's got left, he can feel his cells begin to change.
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