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Oh, the things you see on the internet these days...

After this scandalously deceitful post attempted to persuade the masses that my human self is, in fact, a "better kisser" than myself, I'm afraid some action must be taken.

Thus, my human self and I are going to be having a "snog-off" of sorts. No, no, I'm not snogging him, I mean others can snog us and comment who they think is the best.

Or his human self, I mean, if you really want to or something.

OOC: ALL IN GOOD FUN! META LIKE WHOA AND ANY VERSE. There'll be two "kissing booths" in this post (the flash items don't work as comments, but just pretend they're there!), and you can feel free to comment/thread a kiss with my Ten or handysparehand! AND GIVE COMMENTARY ON THE EXPERTISE OF EACH KISS. Careful, both of these men have ridiculous egos.
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