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In celebration of handysparehand's not-birthday

Since the oddity that is his human self does not actually have a birthday, the Doctor has picked a random day (which may or may not coincide with the one-year anniversary of the creation of the journal handysparehand) to get his human self a card.

Inside, it reads:
It's your birthday. Well, not actually your birthday as you weren't technically born. But it's a good day to celebrate it.
Or something like it.

Later on, the Doctor is informed this is probably rude. So, he goes out and purchases a few birthday gifts.

First, the Doctor purchases something he knows Donna will like. Chocolate truffles. Very expensive. Two might be missing out of the box.

And, something he knows he himself would like. It may be already opened.

And, on the off chance that his human self doesn't like these, there are a variety of gift cards and a note promising to not complain or bother him while he shops.

Tags: featuring: the (other) tenth doctor, topic: gift giving
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