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Fencing Lessons

There really should've been a rule against challenging duels against those who were a bit inebriated. It just didn't seem sporting at all! He didn't mean to cause a problem! None at all!

So, he'd called one of the Lord's wives a few bad words. It wasn't like they weren't true! They just didn't like having them vocalized!

Oh, he was so dead. At least he'd left a bunch of instructions for Reinette about his regeneration, how to handle it and all that. Shouldn't be too hard, after all, Rose and Mickey and Jackie handled it. And Tegan. If Tegan could handle a regeneration, anyone could.

He was beginning to like this incarnation, though. Stupid humans with their stupid rules.

With a loud sigh, he thwatted at the mannequin with his epee. It was a pathetic swing, and while he was sure he'd learned fencing at some point in his life, he couldn't remember for the life of him how.

This was going to be a disaster beyond disasters.
Tags: featuring: madame de pompadour, setting: alternate universe, setting: relative space universe
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