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Happy birthday Dorothy!

The Doctor may be the worst at keeping track of time, but he can't forget Dorothy's birthday! She'd murder him! Or at the very least be very unhappy with him. And we simply can't have that.

So! Last minute shopping is in order. He throws together a few fun gifts and remembers that he used the last of his wrapping paper on Christina's gift. So! He figures something out and scribbles up a card and leaves the package and the card on the console for Dorothy to find.

Happy Birthday Dorothy!
You only turn 117 once! I hope it's a good one!

There is a note attached: Dorza roses. Feed them orange juice and they'll never fade. Not sure why orange juice, though, but they are beautiful. Also, don't feed them after midnight.

There is a note attached: Fancy a trip to the universe's largest skating park?

There is a note attached: A dreamward ring, molded from real dreams. As long as you wear it, you'll never have nightmares.

There is a note attached: Sorry I had to dismantle the last one.
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