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RP for flexibledancer and ninth_doctor

Location: Cardiff, Wales.
Year: 2006ish (has yet to check the specific date)
Current Specifics: Barling Brandos Bar, North Street
Imbibed: Three glasses of wine, two shots of something some woman offered him.
Status: Rather inebriated

The Doctor lounged quite comfortably against the coushy chair of the booth where he was seated. Why had he decided to come bar hopping? Well, when you're a lonely traveler and your crew is a bit out of whack, occasionally it's far from a bad thing to just relax somewhere where none of them would think to find you.

That would be a bar.

Because the Doctor, the great and WONDERFUL Doctor, Oncoming Storm, Ka Faraq Gatri and all that, he would never go to a bar.

And yet, there he was.

Tags: featuring: captain jack harkness, featuring: the ninth doctor, roleplay: incomplete
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