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for charloft: Things in the pockets (They're bigger on the inside)

From left to right, beginning at upper right.

First line
1) Sonic screwdriver. Pretty much a necessity.
2) Psychic paper. To get out of sticky situations.
3) Banana. I had meant to eat this at some point.
Second line
1) Mobile. It's technically Martha's.
2) Paper clips. I don't know why I have these, but they're useful in a pinch!
3) Keys. One of these is to the TARDIS, there are a few various and sundry, and one is to the back gate at George Clooney's house.
4) Towel. Every good traveler has one.
5) Can opener. I don't know why I have this.
6) Hair gel. A necessity.
Bottom line
1) Glasses.
2) I...don't actually know what this is to.
3) Fob watch. For nostalgia's sake.
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