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Happy Birthday Rose Tyler!

As the Doctor is never one to forget Rose's Birthday (especially since he put that date in his automatic TARDIS reminder system (ATRS for short---he really should figure out something more pronounceable). However, he realizes while trying to pick out presents that he's really rather rubbish at it. After some help from Claire, he finally gets all his gifts together and puts them in one box. The box is left outside of Rose's room along with a note:

Happy Birthday, Rose.
The Doctor

The first object in the box is a small tin of high quality chocolates. Two chocolates may or may not be missing.

There is a pair of coral earrings cut into the shapes of roses. There is a note:
These aren't just ordinary earrings. You can plug them into the TARDIS and upload music that will automatically play through the nerve endings in your ear without producing any sound. Claire suggested I thought about getting you an Ipod or whatever it was around your era, but considering how Apple took over the planet in 2098, I can't bring myself to. Also, these have a small homing beacon in them. Give them a tap, and they'll lead you back to the TARDIS.

A brochure with two tickets to a Luxian relaxation and spa paradise.
(For Paradisa Rose: A note - For when we head back to civilization.)
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