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Happy (belated!) birthday, Christina!

A red package is left in the passenger seat of her flying vehicle. How did he get in? That's the real question. Also, the clamps are more firmly twisted in place, to prevent falling off.

Inside the package is a small, strange gadget. And a note.

The note says: Happy birthday, Lady Christina! You're likely wondering two things. Number One, how I figured out this was your birthday. Easy. I had a few of your records lost last week and it happened to be right on the top of your criminal record. Lovely photograph, by the way. And two, why I'm very nearly a week late. Well, it took me very nearly a week to find you. And this timeline. So!

This is a small cloaking device for your ship. Well, bus. Well, car. Modeled out of the TARDIS's systems, so you won't actually be invisible (can't have you pretending to be Wonder Woman as well as Thomas Crown), you'll just vanish from typical radars and from obvious detection. People will just want to look away from the car, rather than look through it. Just attach it below the wheel, the intelligent chips should recalibrate the core of the car while you're in-flight.

The Doctor

PS: Don't try to modify it for a body suit, eh?
PPS: Up for tea, while I'm in the area?
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