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for theatrical_muse: What song best describes your life?

Well I woke up today
And the world seemed a restless place
It could have been that way for me----

"Honestly, Rose. Of all the songs to listen to."


"Better'n the silence of you workin' down there."

"Look, if you're going to listen to something, you should listen to something with a bit more of a beat, yeah? Give you something to listen to, bob your head to while you work. Let me see..."

I wanna hold you but you're out of reach
Somewhere searchin' for your inner peace
I'm just lookin' for a little squeeze
Face to face and cheek to cheek---

"You're a punk."

"Hey, I know what I like."

"You like this kind of music?"

"Yeah, it's got a good beat, not a bad tune, and the words aren't much to knock either."

"You're a punk!"

"I am not a punk."

"S'that why you spike up your hair?"

"My hair is not spiked!"

"To show off how punk you are?"

"Hangabout now, my hair is not spiked. It's just...delightfully coiffed."



"Did you just use 'coiffed' in a sentence?"


"Well, that ruins the whole 'punk' thing just like that."

It's in your blood but not in mine
What's in your blood is in my mind
Somethin's broken in the way we smile
It's within us all the time

"Least you picked something from my era. I was worried I'd be hearing Manilow or somethin'."

"Oi, I'm no fanilow, just like some of the classics."

"I heard 'Mandy' playin' in your room the other night."

"I like some of the classics, all right?"

"Weren't singing along and getting all emo, were you?"



"That's not even a word!"

"Doctor, you are the epitome of the emo boy."


"Skinny, spiked hair----"

"It's coiffed!"


"What's wrong with my glasses?!"

"And this nagging sense of guilt that just sort of absorbs you from time to time. Like...completely."

"Aren't you supposed to be twirlin' your hair and doin' something useful, Rose?"

"Are you implying I'm not useful?"

"No, I'm implying that I no longer want to talk about Barry Manilow."

You’re well aquainted with the So- o- o-Ho
And all the ”Ello” and ”Ow are ’u?”
And we both have to get it on before the summer’s gone

"So where're we headed next, Doctor?"

"Lookin' at the ratio of the aspirator coils right now, see where we can end up before they need to be replaced."

"They actually need to be replaced?"

"That surprises you?"

"Yeah, I just thought the TARDIS made up its own stuff."

"Well, she's a bit like us, needs to have the occasional cast or stitches to repair any damage the Time Vortex can throw at her. Usually she can rebuild everything but sometimes the depth of the---"

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Call the TARDIS a 'she'. You always do that."

"Well...the TARDIS has always been a 'she'. Like a ship, just a sign of respect."

"Everyone else always calls the TARDIS an 'it'. No offense to the TARDIS or anything, but you've never done that."

"Well, the TARDIS would be offended, I think, if I started thinking of her as an 'it'. We've been together too long to go off of a first name basis."

"The TARDIS can get offended?"


"And you know that?"

"I can feel it, yes."

"From that whole connection thing? Between the two of you."

"Symbiotic link. Between myself and the TARDIS. Long standing tradition for a Timelord to be connected to his or her machine that way. Makes things easier for us to figure out when something is wrong, when something isn't working, or there's something wrong with me, the TARDIS can attempt to assist. She's a good ship, and I wouldn't be without her."

"No, I don't think you would."

We gotta hurry with no worry to get done today
Cause one of us is gonna die young
Let’s put our money where our mouth is and get out today
Cause one of us is gonna die young
Ooh, Ooh, One of us is gonna die young
Ooh, Ooh, One of us is gonna die young

"So where're we headed?"

"You just asked that, and I told you. Wait until I know more about the TARDIS."

"You've had your head down there, under the console for just around forever now."

"Rose, your concept of 'forever' is really only about fifteen minutes."

"Still, I want to go out there! Explore!"

"And so do I, but not until the TARDIS is ready to go."

"When did you start exploring?"


"When did you start exploring? Like, have you always traveled? Or did you just start...?"

"Always been interested in the universe, Rose. Not much time, not even for a Timelord. Got too much out there to waste it sitting around in an Academy or on just one planet. When I was around....ooooh, a few decades, I think, I hopped the TARDIS and just left."

"You just left, just like that?"


"Where did you get the TARDIS from?"

"I stole it."

"You stole the TARDIS?!"


"What, just like...from the TARDIS Emporium or something? You smashed a window and just took off?"

"Sort of, yeah."

"You are a punk."

And don’t you take this the wrong way
I’m not looking for a way to replace
what love can give
Cause you can’t do that!
I’m only saying that where I come from
People find it very fashionable
to burn like a flame
Never get tame
Grown-up and lame
Yeah! Yeah!

"Song's not bad."

"I like it."

"All about burnin' and leapin' in and not....waitin' or nothin'."

"Exactly. Should never wait, Rose. Should always take life by the horns---so to speak, don't actually look for horns otherwise you'll be simply sitting there for a long time very confused---and just go for it. Live, love, move in and on and around and can you pass me the primordial crescent wrench?"

"The what?"

"The black thing on the chair over there."


"Thanks. And you've got to just...do everything!"

"Right. Live and love and all that."

"Yep. We don't live that long, after all."

"You ever been in love, Doctor?"

THUD. "Owwwwww---"

"Did you bang your head?"


"Are you lying?"


You’re looking beat but you say: ”no, oh, no, no”
”I’m all messed up and I’m ready to go!
We ain’t gonna go it alone no more
So let’s get on
with the show…”



"I'm bored."

"I noticed."

"Got anything I can do?"

"Well, you don't make tea, you're not my maid, and you couldn't fit down here even if you wanted to."

"Is it that cramped down there? It looks rather small."

"Yes, and unlike the TARDIS, it is rather small."

"Where did you learn how to do that? Work the TARDIS and all that? Or is it just all part of your connection thing?"

"Oooooh, this and that. Took a few lessons in school, picked it up while traveling---"

"You went to school?"

"I thought I mentioned that before."

"Right, you ran away from there, I remember that. But they have schools on...uh, on..."


"Right, Gallifrey."

"They had. And yes."

"Like, with proper teachers and classrooms and all that?"


"That you just ran away from?"

"Had to live life completely, Rose. And you can't do that in a ridiculous institution like school."

"Good philosophy."

There’s a lot to be said and to be done today
Cause one of us is gonna die young
Before they put us in a coffin I’ve got things to say
One of us is gonna die young
One of us is gonna die young

"Song is a bit weird, don't you think?"

"I like it."

"Don't it have a bit of a depressing undertone?"

"Whaddya mean, Rose?"

"I mean, like, one of the two of the people being spoken of---"

"To many 'of's in that sentence."

"---is going to die. Young. I mean, that's sad, innit?"

"It's more about the motion forward, I think. The keeping moving when everyone else is standing still because, really, in the end, there isn't a lot of time."

"There's a lot of time for someone like you."

"There aren't a lot of people like me out there."

"So it is depressing."

"No, just makes you think a bit."

"About dying."

"No, Rose, about life."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,113 (not including lyrics from The Ark's "One of Us is Gonna Die Young" and Murray Gold's "Song for Ten")
Tags: community: theatrical muse
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