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for makeyourlist: List of Aliases Used by the Doctor

Alias: The Doctor

*preferred title, actually. Generally used by a Mickey Smith. Also, possibly sarcastically.
Bringer of Darkness
*rough estimated translation
Dark Lord, the
*Lawsuit with J.K. notwithstanding
Destroyer of Worlds
*Goes quite well with "Bringer of Darkness", actually
Doctor Bowman
*From London
Doctor Caligari
*In a pinch, magicians get treated better in the average small town. At least by dentists.
Doctor Galloway
*Not to be confused with Doctor Halloway.
Doctor James McCrimmon
*Tragically, unable to keep a decent accent
Doctor McCoy
*Traveling with Kirk, of course.
Doctor Vile
*Martha may not have appreciated it, but I liked my pirate accent.
Doctor Von Wer
*I thought it was clever.
Doctor, the
*Ah, the old favorite. And the best, if you ask me.
Evil One, the
*A ridiculous exaggeration. The moderately rebellious is much more apt.
John Smith
Ka Faraq Gatri
*The original Dalek language. Sounds quite guttural.
Lonely Angel, the
*Every monster's nightmare.
*Wasn't my idea
Mr. Spock
*Also, not my idea.
of TARDIS, Doctor
*see also SIR Doctor
Oncoming Storm, the
*The most frequently mocked of my titles.
Professor, the
*Only by one very special young lady.
*The masculine, feminine, and neuter forms of silliness, if you ask me. Also, why am I always a wizard?
Rides In Night
*Though a majority of my travels are in the daytime.
Sir Doctor of TARDIS
*Figured it needed its own category
*Only called this by the best.
*Travels with Spartacus. Well, did.
Supremo, the
*An excellent title at the time.
Theta Sigma
*Don't call me this anymore.
Threefold Man, the
*Only by insane Daleks---is it just me or are a lot of my nicknames by Daleks?
Time's Champion
*As opposed to Death's Champion, I suppose.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 287
Tags: community: make your list
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