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OOC: For personal reference; AKA: How to survive a year without Doctor Who

To survive the coming year I am listening (and in some cases, re-listening) to many of the Doctor Who audios. Especially during work, where busywork has become the new norm. For my own reference, here are the audios I have currently listened to. Will be updated as more audios are acquired and enjoyed!

Recommendations are always welcome!

Listened to during the 2009 hiatus!

First Doctor
Auld Mortality (Unbound) One, Susan
Transit of Venus (Companion Chronicles) One, Ian, Barbara, Susan
Here There Be Monsters (Companion Chronicles) One, Susan, Ian, Barbara
Frostfire (Companion Chronicles) One, Vicki, Steven
Mother Russia (Companion Chronicles) One, Steven, Vicki

Second Doctor
Resistance (Companion Chronicles) Two, Polly, Ben, Jamie
The Enemy Of the World (Missing Episode) Two, Jamie, Victoria
Fury of the Deep (Missing Episode) Two, Jamie, Victoria
Fear of the Daleks (Companion Chronicle) Two, Zoe, Jamie
Helicon Prime (Companion Chronicles) Two, Jamie

Third Doctor
Old Soldiers (Companion Chronicles) Three, Brigadier
Blue Tooth (Companion Chronicles) Three, Liz
Doll of Death (Companion Chronicles) Three, Jo
The Magician's Oath (Companion Chronicles) Three, Yates, Jo

Fourth Doctor
Empathy Games (Companion Chronicles) Four, Leela

Fifth Doctor
The Darkening Eye (Companion Chronicles) Five, Nyssa, Tegan, Adric
The Boy That Time Forgot Five, Nyssa, Adric
The Kingmaker Five, Peri, Erimem
Omega Five

Sixth Doctor
Slipback Six, Peri
The One Doctor Six, Mel
The Maltese Penguin Six, Frobisher
The Marian Conspiracy Six, Evelyn
Medicinal Purposes Six, Evelyn
Sandman Six, Evelyn
Doctor Who And the Pirates Six, Evelyn
The Apocalypse Element Six, Evelyn, Romana
Davros Six

Seventh Doctor
Master Seven
Unregenerate! Seven, Mel
Colditz Seven, Ace
The Dark Husband Seven, Ace, Hex
Death Comes To Time Seven, Antimony

Eighth Doctor
Storm Warning Eight, Charley
The Chimes of Midnight Eight, Charley
Neverland Eight, Charley, Romana
Zagreus Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Charley, Romana
Blood of the Daleks Eight, Lucie
Immortal Beloved Eight, Lucie
Horror of Glam Rock Eight, Lucie
Phobos Eight, Lucie
No More Lies Eight, Lucie
Human Resources Eight, Lucie
Dead London Eight, Lucie
Max Warp Eight, Lucie
Brave New Town Eight, Lucie
Skull of Sobek Eight, Lucie
Grand Theft Cosmos Eight, Lucie
The Zygon Who Fell To Earth Eight, Lucie

Ninth Doctor

Tenth Doctor
Nightmare of Black Island (audio novel, Anthony Stewart Head) Ten, Rose
The Resurrection Casket (audio novel, David Tennant) Ten, Rose
Price of Paradise (audio novel, Shaun Dingwall) Ten, Rose
Art of Destruction (audio novel, Don Warrington) Ten, Rose
Feast of the Drowned (audio novel, David Tennant) Ten, Rose, Mickey
The Stone Rose (audio novel, David Tennant) Ten, Rose, Mickey
Snowglobe 7 (audio novel, Georgia Moffett) Ten, Martha
The Pirate Loop (audio novel, David Troughton) Ten, Martha
The Last Dodo (audio novel, Freema Ageyman) Ten, Martha
Martha In The Mirror (audio novel, Freema Ageyman) Ten, Martha
Peacemaker (audio novel, Will Thorp) Ten, Martha
Wooden Heart (audio novel, Adjoah Andoh) Ten, Martha
Wishing Well (audio novel, Debbie Chazen) Ten, Martha
Sting of the Zygons (audio novel, Reggie Yates) Ten, Martha
The Many Hands (audio novel, David Troughton) Ten, Martha
Wetworld (audio novel, Freema Ageyman) Ten, Martha
Forever Autumn (audio novel, Wil Thorp) Ten, Martha
Sick Building (audio novel, Wil Thorp) Ten, Martha
Story of Martha (audio novel, Freema Ageyman) Ten, Martha
Beautiful Chaos (audio novel, Bernard Cribbins) Ten, Donna
The Forever Trap (audio novel, Catherine Tate) Ten, Donna
Pest Control (audio novel, David Tennant) Ten, Donna
The Nemonite Invasion (audio novel, Catherine Tate) Ten, Donna
The Doctor Trap (audio novel, Russel Tovey) Ten, Donna
The Shining Darkness (audio novel, Debbie Chazen) Ten, Donna
The Ghosts of India (audio novel, ___) Ten, Donna
The Eyeless (audio novel, Lance Parkin) Ten
The Rising Night (audio novel, Michelle Ryan) Ten

Other Stories
He Jests At Scars... (Unbound) Valeyard, Mel
Deadline (Unbound) Jacobi Doctor
Masters of War (Unbound) AU!Third/Brigadier
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