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for theatrical_muse: What question do you dread most?

Sometimes, when she dreams, she names all of the stars Ka Faraq Gatri. She doesn't know what the name means, but she thinks it is evil. It's very confusing, naming all of the stars the same name.

He comes out of the darkness. She thinks one day she will do the same. When she is very, very old---like he is very, very old.

"I saw you in a dream," she says. She takes a step towards him and touches the side of his face. Her fingers are warm against his cold skin. She thinks one day she will have cold skin, too. When she is very, very old.

"You see the future," he tells her. "Do you realize that? What you've done to the timeline simply by being in it?"

She leans up and kisses him. It is a soft, nearly chaste kiss, the brush of her warm lips against his icy ones. It feels almost familiar, this kiss. She wonders if she's dreamed about it, too. He puts a hand to her hip as she kisses him in a most ungentlemanly fashion. He's too forward, she's startled.

"Take this---" he tries to press something into her hand. She turns and runs, back to the church, back to the safety of confession.

"I have to go!" she calls behind herself. She thinks about what she thinks she sees in the back of her mind, and thinks about going back to the nunnery, hiding away with the safety of God.

"I'll come back!" he promises.

He does. By the time he arrives, the pocketwatch is cold and dead in his hand, just as she is cold as she stands before him.

"Do you see the future?" she asks. It's a question he dreads most. By asking, he is tempted to look ahead. Tempted to see what might be, as opposed to what is. What is. She is and was someone, now she is a monster. She bares her teeth.

"Sometimes," he admits.

"But you can't see mine." It's not a question.

He grimaces. "I only see the future for things that are alive."

"Poor little Doctor. All the stars are your name but you're still alone." He is no longer interesting to her, and she turns away, waggling her finger in front of a doll's face.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 387
for a_pretty_fire for a meme, as well! =D
Tags: community: theatrical muse, featuring: drusilla
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