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for justprompts: It's six am. What are you doing?

06:00 I can't figure out why Rose is so fascinated by this twittering nonsense. Taking the mobile out with me to try it out #
06:36 Rose is off to visit her mother. I'm not invited. Fine by me! Plenty of things to do in London. #
07:03 Walking down the road #
07:05 Still walking down the road #
07:07 Twittering is fairly ridiculous #
07:45 Had a coffee. There's a car that looks like Bessie! #
07:47 Twitter is still ridiculous #
07:54 @ notachav I do not! #
08:04 @ notachav Fine, you two have your fun, then. My twitter shows that I'm having plenty of fun! #
08:06 @ notachav What do you mean, what am I doing that's so much fun? #
08:09 You know, it's been a long while since I've seen Frobisher. I'll give him a call #
09:02 Breakfast with Frobisher, let's see if he can manage not to shapeshift during the course of the meal #
09:05 Frobisher is our waitress #
09:08 Frobisher is my sixth self #
09:13 Frobisher is the waitress again #
09:17 Frobisher is Wolverine #
09:22 Frobisher is Patterson Joseph #
09:30 Frobisher is my sixth self again #
09:32 @ penguindetective I can't believe you're Twittering during our lunch conversation! #
09:40 The waitress hasn't come back yet #
09:41 @ penguindetective Yeah, I was just saying that! Where do you think she went? #
09:43 Frobisher is a penguin again #
09:50 Off to figure out where everyone went in the cafe went. #
10:20 I didn't realize cockroaches could grow that large in London. #
10:30 @ jennytweets No, no, I think we can manage it. #
10:50 Right, that couldn't have been good. #
10:55 @ jennytweets Really, it's not so bad. We'll be all right! #
11:45 Captured and imprisoned. This happens a little too often for my liking #
11:50 @ jennytweets Oh, all right. But no guns! #
12:25 It's nice to see Jenny's inherited her father's abilities with Venusian Akido. #
12:27 @ penguindetective It's sort of a long story. Blimey, you're right over there, why don't you just ask me? #
13:04 Does Torchwood do this sort of thing? #
13:07 @ gwenluvsrhys Really? I must be behind on the times. #
13:09 @ gwenluvsrhys Also, alien invasion off Branhein street. Do you lot have silver bullets? #
13:15 Silver bullets? Anyone? #
13:17 Twitter is still fairly ridiculous, I'll have you know. #

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 419
Shamlessly inspired by the awesome that is valrichards
Tags: community: just prompts, featuring: frobisher, featuring: jenny, featuring: rose tyler
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