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As if there wasn't already enough insanity around here...

There is no Doctor here.

Where he's gone, we're not quite sure.

There is, however, a small, brown kitten with big, confused eyes. Sitting in a lump that looks a bit like a brown overcoat.

He may preen a bit if you tell him he's adorable.

OOC: Yay for the TM curse. The Doctor is now a kitten! Any current threads will continue normally (if, as always, rather slowly), but the Doctor will not be starting anything new (unless, of course, you'd like to play with a cute little kitten!) I know I owe some of you plot-based threads, and we will definitely be able to do them, just after the Doctor stops being whiny and emo and driving his mun nuts and starts being more kittenlike and fun.

Which, considering he wants me playing more than working, will probably be in around 10 days, when Christmas shopping season is over.

In other news, watch the season premiere of Doctor Who, on Christmas day!
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