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for makeyourlist: Words the Doctor has made up.

The Handy-Dandy Guide For Understanding the Doctor
Chapter Eight-Hundred-Forty-Four: Language
Words the Doctor has invented for things that do not have a word in the English language but should

Acurstux [a-kurs-tuks] n: A cursed tuxedo.

Adjustotie [ad-jus-o-ty] n: The unconscious need to adjust one's tie in an uncomfortable situation.

Aidshute [aed-sh-oot] n: That little red string that holds together the packaging around plastic bandages.

Bolsterperfecta [bullst-ur-purfek-ta] adj: Possessing the ability to be as loud and boisterous about one's abilities due to the fact that they just are that good.

Cologneway [co-lOn-wA] v: The act of spilling just a little bit of the cologne you got for Otherstide from your granddaughter in the sink of the lavatory so your granddaughter will never know you don't really like wearing cologne.

Correctomundo [kor-rek-to-moon-do] adj: So correct, it's physics correct! Don't ever use this one again, mmkay? –Ed

Credocracking [kured-O-crek-in] v: When one does not have a sonic screwdriver and is forced to open a lock with a credit card.

Doctorin [dok-tor-n] v: Making stuff up.

Doblosnacking [du-blo-snek-in] v: Grabbing two nibbles instead of one simply because there are two in a tray.

Esnothumpin [ets-noT-humpin] v: To reach across the console with one's legs to move controls on the other side. Not a sexual move. –Ed

Furbling [fur-bl-eng] v: Walking in a snakelike pattern through manmade barricades when there's no one else in line.

Gingvy [jin-j-vee] n: Envy over another's ginger hair.

Gleemole [gle-moL] adj: One who is gleeful upon the discovery that they now have a mole!

Jumperific [jum-pr-if-ik] adj: Not needing to change one's jumper (or suit!) no matter what time period or alien planet one lands on.

Magicish [maj-ik-ish] n: The reverse of Clarke's Law.

Metoganical [met-O-genikl] adj: Being both organic and mechanical. Like, oh, I don't know, the TARDIS? –Ed

Pearish [par-ish] adj: Texture that is both grainy and disgusting all at the same time.

Questyle [kwes-til] n: Having the ability to wear question marks as a fashion statement.

Ridonkulous [re-donk-yew-los] adj: It's so ridiculous, it might just work.

Smartvoidance [smurt-voy-das] v: To quickly direct the topic elsewhere.

Unobandonment [yew-no-bad-un-mint] n: When one's lover/companion leaves or is ripped away to another universe. Possibly doesn't need it's own word, but considering the number of times it's happened to me, it really should get one –Ed

Veggiestyle [vej-E-s-til] n: Having the ability to wear vegetables as fashion accessories.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 379
Tags: community: make your list
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