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for charloft: Tell us about your writing space.

I write in a few locations around my house, and sometimes if the creative juices flow I'll write in a few others.

And this is my desk. I think I've sat at it maybe three times since I moved into this apartment.

My primary writing location is here, on my couch with my laptop. You'll note the "writing blanket" as my spouse and I call it, given to me by the lovely ambitious_woman for Christmas a few years ago. You'll also note the water bottles and soda cups. I tend to stake out this area for a few hours at a time, churning out writing.

Here's the view from the seat. The videos are a mess right now, I've been picking out which ones I'm taking with me to Gallifrey One.

Oh, and here's Shi-Low. Shi-Low says, "So this is what keeps you busy all day? Looks like a bunch of silliness to me!"
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