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A few ooc things...

First of all, I think it's about time I had a reasonable discussion with everyone about the serious nature of---OH WHO AM I KIDDING OMFG----

Runner up, best Crackfic for "Dancing at the Sugar Shack". I'm so squeeful, I might even call myself "chuffed". I've never won a fanfic award quite like this before and considering the BNFs I was up against, I don't really know what to say! Except, thank you to those who help inspire me, beta me, and to those who nominated me, voted for me, and an extra special thank you to azriona for writing such a wonderful review of my fanfic.

Round Two is coming up soon! You can bet that if you're a Who or a Torchwood muse, you'll see yourself nominated up there! Gotta show some LJ love!

Also, I'm superdooperflattered at all of the Tammy nominations for the Doctor. It's so awesome to be recognized, even if it's cause the PB for my muse has a great smile and I have wonderful playmates. (Special love to ambitious_woman, shatteredqueen, savagestime, handysparehand, and morethananecho, whom I share nominations and honorable mentions with).
Tags: awards: children of time 2008, awards: tammys 2008
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