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ooc: Cinnamon, where you been?

Well, the holiday season has officially decided to start kicking my ass. In between Christmas parties at work and with psuedo-family (what the hell is the mother of the wife of the brother of my spouse supposed to be to me?) I've been officially out of it. To everyone waiting for tags, I'm so sorry and I'll catch them ASAP. To the communities whose prompts I am behind on, I will be working on them as diligently as possible.

I should be around for a few hours tomorrow and a little during the week. Christmas Eve, I'm throwing a holiday party and my day will be busy with that, and on Christmas, when I'm not watching The Next Doctor at 6pm on BBC One, I will be out with family and probably unavailable.

And here's a video I didn't make but I think is wonderful.

Carol of the Bells (Doctor Who) -

Now, sadly, I'm off to bed. I will also be making up for missing ficrecfriday this week by slowly working to add all of this week's recs (I had the damn post made up too!) over the next few weeks.
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