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You can't contain the Doctor's vanity...

A little bit of crackiness with marthajonesmd! Inspired by this comment in a thread with Martha and the Doctor...when the conversation turned to...

marthajonesmd: not that I am implying that Ten would ever do something like steal knickers.
rude_not_ginger: He'd just embarrass the hell out of her with them?
marthajonesmd: ...warring images of sexytimes with knickers and prancing around in them singing in my head.
marthajonesmd: no, Ten is not a secret cross-dresser.
marthajonesmd: my brain gets cracky sometimes. or, well, a lot of the time.
rude_not_ginger: *DED*
rude_not_ginger: He'd probably put them on his head
rude_not_ginger: To protect his hair
rude_not_ginger: When he's doing stuff down underneath the console

"That was my favourite pair! And now you've gone and gotten them all...oily!"

"But that oil could've ended up on my hair!"

"Oh, like you'd be able to tell the difference anyway!"

"Are you saying my hair is oily??"

"I'm saying that it's...very full of styling product. And that you need to stop stealing my gel when you run out, by the way. Don't think I haven't noticed!"

"You weren't using it! You'd gotten it all pulled back!"

"Well, maybe I was going to use it! You have no way of knowing what I plan to do with my hair!"

"No! I only knew what I needed to do with my hair!"

"Maybe you should've dropped by the bloody intergalactic Boots and picked some more up when you ran out!"

"I forgot! I was a bit busy saving the world!"

"Clearly, 'cos we've not got anything in the pantry, either! Maybe Time Lords don't need to eat, but humans rather like to!"

"Fine! Fine! I'll go somewhere, we'll stock up the cabinets. ... what sort of gel do you use? That had a nice hold to it..."

"All right, you can have the rest of it. God, who knew that it was so important to have your hair sticking up all over while you're busy saving the world?"

"It sticks up in strategic places!"

"What, pray tell, is strategic about it?"

"I'll have you know I can get any intergalactic radio frequency through this hairstyle."

"...you're joking."


"And you really just want to look good while saving the world, because you are the vainest man I have ever known, I swear."

"I prefer the term 'well groomed'."


"No, no. That's all Jack."

"No, Jack's just...Jack. You look like you'd fit right in on an episode of Queer Eye for the Time Lord."

"Just because I like my big hair??"

"AND suits with trainers."

"I like these suits!"

"Well. They are nice suits. But my point still stands!"

EDIT: Now with a more appropriate icon!
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