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It's Fic Rec Friday!


Also! I've been nominated for the Children of Time fanfiction awards!

I've been nominated in a few categories for my ficlets:

Not One Line
(for Romance, Drama, and Time Travel)
So Close
(for Romance, Drama, and Ficlet)
Dream Time During The Apocalypse
(for Romance, Dark/Angst, and Ficlet)
and for Dancing At The Sugar Shack
(for Humour, Crackfic [???], and Ficlet)

Please head on over and vote!

Other awesome people nominated that you should go vote for!
Wishingwillow for Fabric and Sin
Samfeasor for More Than An Echo Series
Melissa_228 for The Long Path
Versaphile for Praxis
and azriona for The Crossroads Series

This is me, also totally reccing these ficlets, too!
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