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for makeyourlist: Holiday decorations


New Years
1) Silly hats
2) Nibbles table
----a) Preferred nibbles include:
-----------Little biscuits with sausage
-----------Sliced banana
-----------Sliced Celery (not this incarnation, thanks! -ed)
-----------Some variety of nut or root from current vegetative climate
3) Alcohol table
----a) Preferred alcoholic beverages include
-----------Hypervodka (terrible hangovers -ed)
-----------Champagne (it's really ridiculous how drunk you can get on such a little fizzy drink! -ed)
-----------Banana Daiquiris (it's all fun and games until Jack Harkness gets involved –ed)
-----------Lager (How can anyone drink this rubbish? –ed)
On second thought, nix the alcohol table and just try to have some good, clean fun.
D4) A suitable New Year destination. (It's no fun having New Year's on the 31st of August)

Intuitive Revolution Day
1) Silly hats
2) Various colored lights, preferably not Christmas-colored.
Note: Do not string on floor, barefoot walking on said lights is not pleasant at some early hour somewhere. –ed
3) Suitable music streaming from all radios of TARDIS
----Music considered "suitable"
-----------The Beatles
(When companion asks how a human band is suitable for a Gallifreayn holiday, DISTRACT! –ed)
4) Activities
----a) Brooding
----a) Reminiscing on being exiled followed by brooding
----a) Reminiscing on destroying home planet, being exiled, followed by brooding
----a) Reminiscing on being alone, destroying home planet, being exiled, to be followed by healthy brooding
----a) Remembering exactly what this holiday stands for
----b) Brooding

Valentine's Day
Removed from TARDIS databank at Doctor's request

1) Silly hats
2) Silver and blue streamers
3) Presents
----Actually remember to buy presents for this holiday
-----------No, honestly, Doctor, you can't forget this year.
4) Invite former Self out for drinks
(Remember to bring enough money for bail. At least for yourself if not him as well. –ed)

1) Silly hats
2) Bunny-shaped things, preferably candy
3) Egg-centric dishes, like quiche
(Remember to ask companion why eggs are such an important part of this holiday)
4) Chocolates
5) Activities
----Spend at least 3 hours with companion "egg hunting" for that one egg Susan never found your first year in the TARDIS. I think it's down in the lower wing somewhere, the smell's something awful.

Death of Omega
1) Silly hats
2) Grey streamers
3) Alcohol
----Remember to drink heavily and brag often.

November 1st
Your mother would want you to remember to do something to celebrate The Thirteenth Night. Light a candle or read some mimesis from Aristotle or something, would you?

Guy Fawkes Day
1) Silly hats
B2) Land somewhere with a bonfire
(Make sure you're not tied up to some stake on top of said bonfire)

1) Silly hats
2) Orange-and-red streamers
----You can never go wrong with streamers. Never!
-------Except that one time
-----------But that was hardly your fault!
3) Tablecloth and array of food
----And after that attempt fails, find somewhere that intergalactically delivers.
Note! Do not allow companion to convince you to go to any sort of American holiday gathering, especially "the first Thanksgiving". Blimey, that was a terrible experience!

1) Silly hats
2) Wreath outside TARDIS doors
3) Air of cheer and delight mixed with that of grumpiness and discontentment
----Some people find this interesting
----Others may try to kill you
4) Always make sure to add a little disaster
----See: War Machines
----See: Sycorax invasion
----See: Donna's wedding
----See: Titanic disaster
----See: Every bloody Christmas you've ever had. Honestly, this is becoming a bit of an issue!
5) Fruitcake. Everyone likes this as a gift! Scratch that, no one likes fruitcake, apparently The Last of The Azetrotians loves fruitcake and will stall your execution as long as you have it! Always have it!
6) Presents
----For humans, get them at least something
------Remember to take note of important fruitcake information.
7) Mistletoe
----Avoid it.

Boxing Day
1) Silly hats
2) Red streamers
3) Activities
----Figure out what exactly this holiday is supposed to mean
----Figure out where exactly this holiday originated
----Update 21st century information tools to explain these things

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 707
Tags: community: make your list, topic: silly human holidays
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