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OOC: A lovely article about fandom

I get a little rude about fandom sometimes. It can be wanky, it can be crazy, and sometimes I feel the need to rant. But you know what else? It can be wonderful. As we near the end of the year 2008, I can say I met a lot of amazing people online this year (and years past) and they've enriched my world.

Here's a wonderful article about online fandom, sent to me by the beautiful and wonderful mun of ninewho, who tells me she found it on Wil Wheaton's blog (why do I not know about this blog??). It really made me smile and struck a real cord in me towards my very dear friends who exist in my computer, so I thought I'd share.


Fandom's about not being alone anymore. Maybe you started as a fan-inna-box, two hundred miles from the nearest con and farther still to the nearest fan, but you came here to find friends
, and to share your squee, and to create things together, and to say, "I was here, and I loved this thing, and these are the people who will remember me." ... Even if you never met in the real world, the way the mundanes would say you define a friend, they'll remember.
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