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On Arpea Awards and Holiday Stuff...

First things' first. I'm back!

Second things', uh, second! Or possibly first, as it's the first I'm actually taking perfectly seriously! Thank you very much for all of the nominations and awards at arpea_awards. I'm positively chuffed you all think I'm both a hero and an anti-hero, shaggable and slappable, though I'm a little perturbed that I've been knocked as second-most-flirty behind Jack. Though I am glad to see myself up there as most handsome. I'd like to thank the TARDIS, of course, and Reinette, Lucy, that other me, and Dorothy, all of whom have won awards with me (but no, no, I won't thank the Master even though we won one, too), and…hang on, I know I have a list around here somewhere…

OOC: And we'll cut him off there because otherwise he'll never stop. Thank you so much to everyone for the nominations and the awards. I'm so flattered to see the Doctor so well-loved and my writing so appreciated. Everyone I write with and read is a constant inspiration and I'm so thankful to have you all in my life. It's been a crazy-as-all-hell weekend, and it was such a lovely thing to come home to. Thank you again!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Doctor in the 2008 Arpea Awards!

Thirdly, my mun has created up a community called very_merry_muse with the mun of my "best enemy" handysparehand! It's a gift-giving community for the Holidays! How wonderful! Join! Be happy!
EDIT! This is basically a fiction and RP exchange community! You request what you'd like, we'll give you a request from someone else! It's like a secret santa, but with more awesome because it involves you!

And fifthly, er, fourthly, here's something for Christmas giving…uh, things. I plan to be in Victorian England on Christmas, but you're welcome to leave something under this virtual tree for my return!

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at pYzam.com

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