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Arpea Awards Pimp Post Part Two

ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT TO VOTE FOR ME IN THE ARPEA AWARDS! So, I put together another post! As there are quite a few people on my friends list, I decided to do the democratic thing and just promote everyone. Which was quite an undertaking, so it took a little longer than I anticipated to get done, by which point I was fairly distracted and probably missed a few people.


First of all, I'd like to apologize to Susan, my fifth self in the black coat, and my eighth self, all of whom were missed in my last post. GO VOTE FOR THEM.

This here is Snake, who's tough as can be

And this is Fred, nearly as smart as me.

Here we have Aislinn, muse who holds my adoration

And here's Alan Shore who likes allieration
(though try as I might, I couldn't make that

sentence both rhyme and alliterate.)

And here we have John, who likes to burn stuff.

And this is Baileigh, her sweetness is enough (to

vote for her!)

Here's Quinn, such a mind, and a warrior to boot

And Melissa loves evil me, so my opinion is


And here's Adam who loves everyone but wants to

destroy the world

While Diva fights with the TARDIS (stop it, girls!)

And Misaki I adore, though she often confuses me

And they say Hei is evil but I can't see why he

would be

And here we have Mal, who lives life on the edge

And the evil cat Cypher who should jump off a ledge.

And Sasha's quite nice, though she's got a devilish


And I've not actually talked to this bloke

but...he's taller than he's wide?

Here's Sam with the unfortunate face of someone evil

As does Sark (though if you squint he looks just

like a Weevil!)

It's Bela who loves guns (which I can't approve of)

And here's Dorothy Gale (whom I happen to

love like a lot)

Here's Sylar/Gabriel, with a unique palette (of


And Fanny's too classy to be seen in board shorts...
Right, I may be stretching, here.

Here's Amy who looks a bit like Rose, don't you


And here's Dean (to whom I'm only nice when I've had

too much to drink).

Here's Annie! This photo's straight from her police


And Mohinder I've known...for quite a long while!

And Chuck, she is sweet! Even sweeter than pie!

And Ted gave me a Llama. No, I'm not quite sure


Here's Grissom, a detective! And sharp as a tack!

In a fight you can bet Nick here's got your back.

Here's Anna, an angel (and quite literally)

And if you're looking for cute, don't look further than Molly!

And here's Mr. Bennet! Enigmatic, don't you think?

And here's Claire who---wait, wait. No, I've already used "think" and "drink" earlier, didn't I? Well, here's Claire. If you type in "cheerleader" under a 21st century search engine, she's the first thing that pops up. It's somewhat terrifying.

And here' we've got Rogue (getting properly back on track)

And Murphy's nice to aliens as long as you don't attack.

Here's Logan (though finding a decent photo's impossible)

And "Banana Tree" Tea, who's life is very, uh, full!

And here's Stephen Colbert, future president over there

And Peter Petrelli (who won't beat me for best hair!)

And here we have Chuck, a nice guy with smart shoes!

And if you cross Elle, you'll be "singing the blues"---or something like that.

And here we've got Gabriel, our donut-eating angel!

And here's Ruby, a demon...and nothing really rhymes with angel. But Ruby likes chips!

And the wizard-ress Tonks! Her hair, it is pink!

And Hiro the time traveler---ugh! I'm back to "ink" again! Dr. Suess I am not!

And here's Angel, it's blood that he drinks

And Pippa here---no! I'm back to "ink"!

And Mike! This was stolen from an icon ca-chink!

And Amaterasu who---uuugh! Not again! FINE! NO MORE RHYMING.

siryn_song, ginger and brilliant.

the_corsair, seductive and brilliant.

the_guv, who has yet to prove he's brilliant...



Jeanne Marie!

Jean Paul!

Loki (A shoo-in for Mr. Congeniality)




And last, but certainly not least:


Because she needed to be mentioned again.


OOC: Sorry if I missed anyone! I did my best!
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