June 20th, 2010

relaxed, earned the right to be so bold

A Drinking Game

Playing with rude_not_ginger
A Drinking Game

Take One Shot If:
  • Tag is labeled "EMO EMO EMO"
  • Tag is labeled "ANGST ANGST ANGST"
  • Use of any icon with keyword "emo"
  • Tag is labeled "Mean!Ten is mean!"
  • Tag is labeled "Bastard!Ten is a bastard!"
  • Use of any icon with keyword "dark"
  • Use of any icon with the keyword "smug"
  • The Doctor says "Sorry, so sorry."
  • The Doctor does not get your sexual reference
  • The Doctor mentions being so alone
  • Any character playing opposite the Doctor openly states they do not like him
  • The Doctor purposefully does not respond to all of the questions asked of him
  • The writer forgets the closing quotation mark on her tag.

Take Two Shots If:
  • The Doctor namedrops
  • A PM/IM is sent asking "Mind if I have the Doctor do something ridiculous?"
  • A PM/IM is sent asking "Mind if I have the Doctor be an absolute jerk?"
  • Use of an icon involving your character as well as the Doctor
  • The TARDIS makes a brief appearance by thinking at the Doctor about a situation
  • The Doctor argues in a great big circle
  • Any planet landed on includes a number (such as Assiap 7) or the word "minor" or "major" (such as Androzani Minor)
  • An old skool monster makes a reappearance
  • An icon by whremidnitedies is used
  • The writer vanishes for an amount of time, only to reappear with complaints about flatmates

Take Three Shots If:
  • A PM/IM is sent asking "Mind if I have the Doctor hurt your character?"
  • The Doctor initiates a kiss or romantic gesture
  • An icon featuring David Tennant from a non-Doctor Who role is used
  • The Doctor says "love", in any context
  • The Doctor references something from series 5
  • The Doctor uses a gun in any fashion
  • The writer fails to say "brb" before vanishing for a time

Drink The Whole Thing If:
  • An entire thread goes by without incident or trouble
  • Any alien actually listens to the Doctor and leaves
  • The Doctor initiates anything sexual
  • The Doctor opts to stay inside rather than explore
  • The Doctor calls any character (other than the TARDIS) his soulmate
  • The Doctor admits someone has better hair than he does
  • The Doctor tells your character his name
  • The Doctor asks your character to marry him/settle down
  • An entire thread is completed without any use of a keyword "emo" icon