May 2nd, 2010

doctor/donna supercool and funky fresh, ooc: supercool

Verses: One-on-Ones

verse [active]: hms afr - One-on-one play with galeforcehero with occasional play by willrevile. The complicated relationship of a Time Lord and a fairytale, with a starship captain occasionally thrown in.

verse [active]: india - One-on-one play with ambitious_woman as an offshoot of relativespace where the Doctor erased his memories of the time he spent with Reinette in that game, while she retained them. Main posts can be found in marked_by_you.

verse [active]: rewriting history - One-on-one play with best_served_hot of the Valeyard's quest to bring the Master back into his universe. Main post for the entries is here.

verse [active]: still life - One-on-one with pi_sparrow in which the Doctor and Sally traveled together and through their adventures, she developed a slow, terminal, alien disease.

verse [active]: tea for three - One-on-One-on-One AU with everybody_lives and morethananecho, chronicling the time-confused life of the Tenth Doctor, River Song, and Jenny. Main posts can be found in tea_for_three.

verse [active]: two immortals, one tardis - One-on-one play with quitehomoerotic of a romance/adventure spanning several centuries. Main post for entries is here.

If we write one-on-one and you'd like a specific verse setup, please let me know. <3