September 17th, 2009

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for quitehomoerotic: Welcome to Assiap 7

Follows this.

Jack might've been a brilliant pilot all on his own, but the Doctor never did like giving up control of the wheel. Or the positronic space manipulator, in this case. He steered them swiftly down to Gamma Beta 9, where they were promptly arrested for endangerment of the crew. But, the Doctor still had the sonic and Jack had his charm, so that wasn't really all that long lived a stay. Once everything was sorted out, they were sent on their way with an additional 600 credits in their pockets, and the keys to a brand-new space hopper. With Jack's vortex manipulator attached to the helm, it would be the perfect TARDIS-chaser.

Well, would be, if it moved as fast as a TARDIS.

And would be, if the sonic actually managed to exactly pinpoint the TARDIS location. Instead, they wound up on the right planet (Assiap 7), but nowhere near where the ship was. They could've been miles away for all he knew. So, torch in hand, the Doctor led the way out of the hopper and out into the pale twin-moonlight of the new world.

"Right, we're not too far away, I can feel her out there," he said to his companion.