March 23rd, 2009

doctor/river the end is where we start f

for fandom_muses: Timing

River Song is 23.

The Doctor is 1,984.

They are a study in imbalance.

Like two teetering towers, standing up only by the pressure of leaning against each other, they function but they do not meet completely. And, if they were to meet perfectly, then they would fall over. Because that is what imbalanced towers do.

He thinks about the singing towers at Berillium and their unique leaned pattern. He's seen them in tourist handbooks and on viewscreens and in the distance during a few of his adventures, though he never sets a course there. He knows he doesn't have to, he will one day (has long ago since) go there and the beauty the towers promise doesn't change the fact that he will (already does) dread that day.

Today, he is on Agathorn, in the common sector. Collapse )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,707
Special thanks to everybody_lives for the voice beta and inspiration!
psychic paper ftw, grin psychic paper

Stolen from around!

1) Leave a comment here with a prompt involving any of my muses.
2) You can request ANYTHING. Any pairing, any genre, any AU crazy idea you want. I'm serious about this. Whatever muse you want, whatever nagging story you've been dying for me to write, request it!
3) Try to be somewhat specific. Don't tell me "Oh, write anything you want!" because this meme isn't about what I want to write, it's about what you want to read. Details are great or just throw a bunch of random words at me and see what I do.
4) If you feel like satisfying some other peoples' burning fic desires, repost this and spread the love.

This might take me a while to finish up, but I am curious what everyone would like to read!
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