March 2nd, 2009

doctor/tardis on top of the world

OOC: The Stockbridge Child P1 and P2

More from Majenta. As Doctor Who Magazine suggests following the comics as part of the "Survive 2009 Without A Series" article (here and here), I will continue to upload more the Doctor-and-Madge stories. And plz, someone pick her up? I'd love to have a Majenta to play against!

Please remember this artwork is not mine and is the property of the BBC and Doctor Who Magazine, only uploaded here for posterity's sake. I have legally purchased all of these Doctor Who Magazines and will continue to purchase them at the ridiculous price of $8.99 an issue until I can find the money to get a subscription.

The Stockbridge Child Part One written by Dan McDaid, artwork by Mike Collins

The Stockbridge Child Part Two