February 11th, 2009

it takes a lot of love, emo love

for theatrical_muse: In medias res

Follows this.

Things begin and end.

It's the way of the universe.

It's the end, now. It should feel like a beginning, but it doesn't.

This is worse than exile.

With exile, there is always a hope of freedom. A chance. A glimmer. At best, escape. At worst, forgiveness. But the result is the same. That universal vortex. That promise of an eternity of travel.

But not now.

When you stop walking, you're not far off of Glasgow. Largest city in Scotland, third largest in the United Kingdom. The air is heavy with cold you can't feel and the people are cheerfully bustling around in a manner you can't imitate. It is raining. The concrete is wet and hard and there are strange smells from new foods and automobiles and life all around you. It's a place you've loved to explore in the past, to take in the sights.

But you can't possibly think about that, now. Now, it's about necessity. This city is part of your survival. You must become a creature of survival. Why? Because she wouldn't want you to die. Even though it doesn't feel worth it right now. Not to go on living, not without her.

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Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,650
all doctors - i'll explain later


Heading out to sunny California first thing tomorrow. Stalking Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Frazier Hines, Wendy Padbury and...um...those guys from Torchwood, but pssh, who watches Torchwood? I should have internet access, but I'll probably be fairly scarce. FUN TIMES 2 B HAD.

See you all on the flip side!

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