February 5th, 2009

ooc - donna's boobs

OOC: BANDWAGON...or not.

I'm actually not out of inspiration! But, I don't like feeling left out and lots of people have put up a lovely "inspire me" meme that's made me very happy to participate in. I'm also working on that commentary meme, I promise I haven't forgotten!

So! Um! What do you want to see here? What inspiring idea would you like for me to flesh out? What pairing haven't I written that you think would be fun?

Also, include a picture of cheese. (I have surgery tomorrow and can't eat anything for 48 hours beforehand, so I'm starving!) If you don't include a picture of some sort of cheese, I won't respond. Period!

And, as with the random OOC posts, here's a video!

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