May 5th, 2008

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for writers_muses: Character Dossier #1

Subject #: D2FθC99TΣ
Alias: The Doctor
Archive Number: Theta Sigma
Birth year: 4620.7 RE
Mother: XXXXXXX Race: Human
Father: XXXXXXX Race: Gallifreyan
Brother: (see classified files)

Prydonian Academy
Graduated, second attempt, 51%, Class of '92
Major Studies
-Earth Studies (Art, Architecture, History)
Other Major Studies
-Engineering of Planetary Rotation

Occupational Training
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space Machine Training and Flight Simulation
-Passed 75%
-Test 1 (Failure)
-Test 2 (Pass 54%)
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space Machine License Acquisition
-Test 1 (Failure)
-Test 2 (Failure)
-Test 3 (never appeared)

Talents and Skills
Mental Capabilities
Connection Capabilities
-Proficient, expresses lack of willingness to continue studies
Time Vortex Connection
-Viewed as incapable. Non-pure Time Lords do not possess the same capabilities as full-bred Time Lords.
Military Training
Weapon Proficiency
-Firearms (proficient)
-Laser weaponry (proficient)
-Explosives (expelled due to incidents)
Venusian Aikido
-Single Finger

Military Experience (Level 1 Matrix Clearance Required)
-Drafted for Time War in XXXXXXX under the rank of XXXXXXX
-Creation of the weapon XXXXXXXX for the use of XXXXXXX
Destruction of Gallifrey

Known Short Term Goals
"Saving the Earth
-Unknown why the Doctor has such adoration for this planet, but his blatant disrespect of the laws of time in regards to interference is most prevalent
"Travel the Stars"
-Not merely "viewing", the Doctor appears to want to "participate", furthering his interference.

See: Criminal Record, Archive 445

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 243
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for muses_gonewild: Romanticizing the Automobile

Don't want to hurt anything
Don't want to hurt this fragile love we know
Because there is nothing left to hold
And we prayed that night
And you said to me
"Don't worry baby the worst has come
And the worst will go
And there's nothing we don't know"
I'll believe you then
But you know me and I always think the worst…

She looks different when she sleeps.

He leans against the doorframe and watches her chest rise and fall, her mind off in…wherever it is humans go when they sleep. All of her restrictions are gone. No matter that he's convinced her to give up her corset, she still is held back by many things. She talks and moves in such a way as to lead others around her, shape a dying universe. She doesn't have time to just be herself. She's confined to what she knows how to do. Confined to people and planning. Rooms and routines.

When she sleeps, she has none of that holding her back. Her hair is mussed and her eyebrows are relaxed and she just looks so peaceful. He can almost imagine her coming to bed and all but dropping from exhaustion. She does so much. He...doesn't. He can't think of the last time he slept just by closing his eyes.

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Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,157
Based on events in relativespace